Monday, December 15, 2008


Hi, welcome to my blog. I hope that you will find something that even remotely interests you and you will hang around. I love comments! I have had a blog on Wordpress for a little while but I am way bored with them and their plain boring layouts. So I will be copying and pasting some of my blogs from over there over here. This blog is not dedicated to any one thing. I will write about whatever floats my boat at the time. But, you can look foward to anything from daily life, cooking and recipes, photography, really good bargins, and coupon deals.

Anyway, enough about that I will now tell you about me. My name is Tiffany. I have a soon to be 2 year old daughter and a wonderful husband. I am a stay at home mom and part time nursing student. I love love love my family. I am a total momma and daddy's baby. I have to talk to my mom at least once a day (usually more like 5). I am most comfortable at home in some pjs with the husband and kid.

For the sake of some privacy my daughter will be refereed to in the blog as Bug and my husband will be BigDaddy.

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