Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Recent Lily funnies.

Lily has been saying the funniest things lately. Here are some recent ones.

Lily: I don't do mud.
Me: What?
Lily: That means I don't walk in mud.

Lily (to her dad): Really? Really, dad?
Hubby: What baby?
Lily: I thought you quit smoking.
Hubby: I did.
Lily pointing her hands: Then how do you explain all this? (pointing to some ciggarette butts)


Tonight while sitting on the couch staring at the once again messy living room it hit me that I haven't had a truly clean house in four years. My house has not been every room spotless clean since I had Lily. I remember back in my pre child days I would wake up on Saturday mornings get my house really clean in just a couple of hours and then lounge around the rest of the weekend reading, watching tv or whatever. HaHa, needless to say that hasn't happened in a while.

And, you know what, I am perfectly ok with that. I love my babies. I thank God everyday for giving them to me. I know I'll have a clean house again someday.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lily (aka:Bug) just told her four month old brother Colton (aka:baby boy) that he was going to have to decide if he was going to be a boy or a man. HaHaHa! She then followed it up with she made the decision that she was a girl.

I love love love seeing those two interact. She can get him laughing like no one else can. I was really worried about the four year age gap but so far it hasn't been a problem. It has actually been a blessing because Lily can somewhat fend for herself and she loves be a little mother hen to Colton.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Today was one of those days that I love and am thankful for the most. It was a day spent with both of my families, my church family and my family for my dad's birthday.

I am so thankful to have finally have found a church to call home. Not only do I love it but Bug loves it as well and that is so important to me. Baby boy doesn't know that he loves it yet but the church sure does love him. All the ladies fight over him as soon as we walk in the door. Big Daddy goes with us sometimes. I am hopeful that one day he will want to start attending regularly with us.

After church we headed to my parent's house where my mom had a yummy meal (lasagna, salad, garlic bread and peanut butter cake) waiting on us. I ate until I was full as a tick, it was so good! After we ate we all took turns loving on the babies. My brother, sister in law and my sweet 6 week old niece was there also.

The kids are spending the night with nana and pop so now Big Daddy and I are enjoying the quite house. I'm about to go curl up in bed and watch a movie that doesn't involve and cartoon characters.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

I really must get back into blogging regularly because I have come to realize lately that my memory is not so great. Bug is doing and saying so many cute things that I don't want to forget. And, now I have a new kiddo that will be doing cute things that I want to document and remember.

I think my problem is that I always think I have to write some super impressive post for the readers but I have to remember that this is my blog and I can write what ever I want. So I think from now on this will be more of a "Dear Diary" type blog. I really just want to remember the everyday mundane things that we do.

So today me, my mom, Bug and baby boy went shopping and to a baby palooza. It was fun and I love spending time with my mom. She is my best friend. We got Bug's school shoes and an outfit for our family beach pictures we will be having made in a few weeks. Other than that it was lazy. It is way to hot to do anything else. You know it's hot when even your four year old is saying "I'm ready for winter.".

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

War Eagle!

It's great to be an Auburn tiger! 2010 National Champions!

Friday, January 7, 2011

One of the old timers could have told me this secret earlier.

Today was BigDaddy's day off and his "honey do list" has been growing and growing. I haven't really nagged him about it, but I decided that today was the day and I wanted to get somethings accomplished around here. But, I knew if we woke straight up and I asked him about it he would just grumble and that would be the end of it. Last night I decided that I would get up and make a huge breakfast before I woke him up as a "butter him up" offering. Well, it worked like a charm! We all got our bellys full and I mentioned the list and he was like "Yeah, that is a great idea, lets knock that out."

I feel like women that have been married for a long time are probably reading this saying to themselves "Well, duh honey, every woman knows that." .

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

She makes me laugh.

The following conversation took place between Bug and I this morning.

Me: Bug, what do you want for breakfast?
Bug: I want those little square things, that have salt on them.
Me: I have no idea what you are talking about. What color are they?
Bug: You know those little square things, that are light brown and come in a white box. We bought them at Target.
Me: Crackers? You want crackers?
Bug: No, I don't want crackers. You are making me very mad. If you don't figure out what I am talking about I am going to be so mad.
Me: (going through everything in the cabinets and fridge)
Bug: Come on we will watch tv and they will come on there.

At this point I think my kid has lost it and proceed to try and call BigDaddy. After sitting there about 20 minutes a Cinnamon Toast Crunch commercial comes on.

Bug: That! That! That is what I am talking about momma. That is what I want.

I was laughing so hard at this point. Not only at our exchange but at the fact that she knew that a commercial would come on.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My baby is getting big.

We crossed one of those big milestones with Bug that makes a momma cry last night. She had her first sleepover with a friend. This is also the first time that she has spent the night with anyone other than Pop and Nana and my brother and sister in law.

I am not going to lie, I was a nervous wreck all day yesterday just thinking about it. She on the other hand was ready to go as soon as she woke up. Normally when she is going to stay at Nana and Pop's she tells me "Momma, I am going to miss you while I am gone.". So yesterday I asked her "Are you going to miss me while you are at Tori's?" and he response was "Nope, because I am going to be having too much fun playing.". LOL

I thought for sure that we would be getting a call about bed time saying that she wanted to come home, but we didn't. I am a little sad but a whole lot proud at the same time.

Now I am off to go take that nasty gestational diabetes sugar test. Yuck!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ready to face 2011 head on.

Wow, I can't believe that it is already 2011. I am excited about a new year and new possibilities. I am excited to meet the new addition to our family. For this blog post I just want to lay out my New Year's resolutions.

  • Family dinner at the table. No more eating in the living room in front of the tv.
  • Save a down payment and buy a house.
  • Eat more healthy as a family. (Less processed stuff, more organic.)
  • I want to volunteer and give back more.
  • Find and get Bug into a really good preschool.
  • Remember to take my reusable bags to the store.
  • Blog at least 3 times a week.

Ok, that is all that I can think of for now. I am sure that I will be back to add more. I want 2011 to be the year that I get things done. I am excited to see what God has in store for our family.