Friday, January 7, 2011

One of the old timers could have told me this secret earlier.

Today was BigDaddy's day off and his "honey do list" has been growing and growing. I haven't really nagged him about it, but I decided that today was the day and I wanted to get somethings accomplished around here. But, I knew if we woke straight up and I asked him about it he would just grumble and that would be the end of it. Last night I decided that I would get up and make a huge breakfast before I woke him up as a "butter him up" offering. Well, it worked like a charm! We all got our bellys full and I mentioned the list and he was like "Yeah, that is a great idea, lets knock that out."

I feel like women that have been married for a long time are probably reading this saying to themselves "Well, duh honey, every woman knows that." .

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