Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My baby is getting big.

We crossed one of those big milestones with Bug that makes a momma cry last night. She had her first sleepover with a friend. This is also the first time that she has spent the night with anyone other than Pop and Nana and my brother and sister in law.

I am not going to lie, I was a nervous wreck all day yesterday just thinking about it. She on the other hand was ready to go as soon as she woke up. Normally when she is going to stay at Nana and Pop's she tells me "Momma, I am going to miss you while I am gone.". So yesterday I asked her "Are you going to miss me while you are at Tori's?" and he response was "Nope, because I am going to be having too much fun playing.". LOL

I thought for sure that we would be getting a call about bed time saying that she wanted to come home, but we didn't. I am a little sad but a whole lot proud at the same time.

Now I am off to go take that nasty gestational diabetes sugar test. Yuck!

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