Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bugs Birthday

Bug will be 2 on February 20 (Oh my gosh, where has time went? My baby is getting big.) and I have been trying to plan her birthday party. We are having it at one of those places that has all of the inflatables and they do everything for you. You just pick the theme and bring the food and tableware. So, my mom and I have been debating themes. I have been thinking of either an all pink or a cupcake theme. Well, it looks like that is not going to happen as Bug obviously has her heart set on Dora or Doree as she calls her. I should tell you that I hate character stuff. I especially hate character themed clothes and shoes and I never let her wear them unless we are in the house. I gave her three options and of course she chose Dora. Maybe I shouldn't have let her chose but it is her birthday. So, it looks like I am planning a Dora birthday party.


gigi said...

I can't believe how close in age our babies are, My youngest grand daughter, Reagan's 2nd birthday is February 26. Not exactly sure what her mama has planed but we just had older sister Shelby's birthday at Katie's Castle the same kind of place that you are talking about. We had a blast.

You sound just like my DIL, she hates character stuff too and the girls don't wear it anywhere except the house. Most times Christon just gives it away when someone buys them anything like that.

Katherine Aucoin said...

They do grow REALLY fast. I remember those days. It's so much fun because they are starting to grasp the concept of presents.

My oldest wanted lady bugs for her 2nd birthday and my youngest wanted puppies. It's good that you let your daughter pick her theme. It makes her feel important having some ownership in planning the festivities.