Monday, April 20, 2009


See that sippy cup in that picture? That is JuJu, Bug's lovey. Yes, she named it JuJu. Pretty cute, huh? I'm not exactly sure when this attachment started but I would say around 13 months. This is the only sippy cup that she will take, thank goodness that she isn't color specific. We have to have this cup with us at all times. She will not take a nap or go to sleep at night with out it. We can not leave the house with out it. She sings to it, and gives it kisses, and just loves on it.

The bad thing about this cup is that the nipple part is very soft silicone. This is bad for a 2 year old with teeth. I can't tell you how many times this thing has leaked in the bed because she has bit a hole in the nipple. A nipple usually last us a couple of days and then we have to replace it. We have tried giving her the hard spout cups and she hands them right back and tells us that it's broke. LOL

I'm not sure how we will ever break her of this. She really loves her JuJu.


gigi said...

Our 2 year old calls her aunt Jordan, JuJu!
Must be an easy word to say.

How is the potty training going?

the happy couple said...

my nickname from my family is bug! it has spread to many of my friends. in fact there are some gatherings where that is all i am called - and i am a 31 year old attorney!