Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wake Up Call

So, not a lot of people know that BigDaddy and I have been trying to get pregnant with number 2 since last June with no luck. We have been very discouraged but have said that it will happen when it is God's time for us.

Well today I think the big guy gave me a little reminder that he is still in control. Today I had my 3 year old and my cousin's 7 week old all day. Oh my!! I honestly do not think that I could handle two kids. I think that God also knows that.

He was so adorably cute and sweet, but it was a lot of work. Bug tested my patience to the max today. She was so super clingy and whiny today.

She has been asking daily for the last 3 or 4 months now for a baby "buddah" or baby sister and today she informed me that she did not want a baby anymore. LOL Maybe little miss priss realized that it wouldn't be all about her anymore.

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