Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Oh my

I sure have missed you all. I'm not even sure where to begin. The last couple weeks have been crazy, maybe I should just list it all out.
  • We had Bug's birthday party. It went ok. Not as many people showed up as I would have liked. Next year we definitely will not be paying that much to rent a place. I just can't justify the cost when she will be just as happy playing at the park.

  • I finished my CNA course and got a huge eye opening experience when I went to get a job. Not trying to sound spoiled here but they only wanted to pay me $8.50 and hour to wipe butts. Umm, yeah thanks, but no thanks. Not to mention we would have to put Bug in daycare so after paying taxes, daycare, and gas I would probably bring home around $50 a week. Yeah, so not leaving my baby with a stranger all day for $50.00.

  • So thanks to my job interview I will be a perfect straight A student so that I can become an RN. I'm also considering respiratory therapy to. I'm not sure which yet. (I know I'm a big kid now, I need to make up my mind.)

  • We live in my parents old mobile home which isn't the most beautiful thing but it's in decent shape and the best part is that it is paid for. This has allowed me to stay home with Bug, get lots of bills paid off, and go back to school. Well last week the breaker box caught on fire and we were pretty sure that we were going to have to tear down the house and build. Luckily, after staying with my parents for a week we got everything fixed. We are eventually going to build a house, we're just not quite ready yet. We would like to get BigDaddy's truck paid off and me out of school.

Ok, I think that sums up most of the past two weeks. I promise to try and blog faithfully everyday.


Katherine Aucoin said...

Welcome back, we missed you. So glad the damage from the fire was repairable!

gigi said...

Those look like some wonderful goals you have set and met. Good job and good luck. The same thing happend to us when we lived in a mobil home. That led us to build our own home and we have been it nearly 30 years. And it is paid for which allows me to stay at home and care for the Grand Girls and they don't have to go to an all day, day care. It's a great feeling.
You go little mama!