Saturday, January 17, 2009


I may be sparse around here the next few days. The AC adapter for my laptop died again and I am waiting on the new one to get here. It's really sad that my laptop is just barely a year old and I have already had all the problems I have had with it. Not to mention customer service sucks. When it finally bites the dust and at the rate it's going it shouldn't be to much longer, I will not be buying another HP. I do have a desktop but it is really old and really slow. I'm hoping my new charger will be here either Monday or Tuesday.

Other than that nothing new really going on. I'm still trucking along on my diet. I can't wait for way in on Tuesday. I'm not really having any cravings for anything other than some sweet tea. Oh, I would love to have a big ole glass right now.

Ok, I'm getting off here. Bug is staying at Nana and Pop's tonight so I am going to enjoy the peace and quite.

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gigi said...

Th last two desk tops I've had have been HP's and I've loved them! But this summer I bought my first lap top and it was a Toshiba. No problems yet.